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Power and Wiring Arcade Electronics

This topic can be explored into a significant amount of depth. I will split things into Beginner and Advanced wiring setups.

Beginner Wiring

For builders using a 5V power supply.

The bare minimum connections to power-on and start playing.


Advanced Wiring

For builders using a power supply above 5V, ideally 12V

General guides and solutions for wiring features varying from power switches, LED backlit marquees, DC-DC stepdown converters, and battery packs.

Noisy Audio?

Fix that hiss and buzz in your audio.

Usually caused by a ground loop as a result of mixing various electronics and power sources.

Wiring with the Power Block

An advanced wiring setup with minimal effort. The recommended wiring method.

A PCB that handles distrubutes power and ground making all connections as simple as possible. This PCB also acts as a daughter board to the common buck converter found on ebay, allowing for a 12V setup with place to stepdown to 5V.

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