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Bartop MAME

Technically the third prototype of this design. Made for table/ bartop use. Design is simple (compared to the Porta Pi Arcade) and uses a standard size 23" HDMI monitor. Keeping things simple here and sticking with the built in speakers of the monitor, but if your monitor has analog audio out (most do) you can amplify to larger speakers. 


Still a work in progress... but getting there. I think I will add an extra 1.5inches to the length of the control panel to add more buttons. I plan to make the control panel modular so you can swap out different panels (1 player + trackball OR 2player). I might add a place to rack/store the keyboard. 


Dimensions: 23.5" wide  x 15"deep   x  20" tall


Barcade name is pending (still thinking about it).

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