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Joystick Deadzone / Firmness

Make that joystick feel "just right". Trouble shoot wonky joysticks, dead microswitches and getting to know your arcade controls.

Suzo Happ Actuator

I 3D modeld the actuator for the Suzo Happ joysticks I favor. I actually misplaced this part; it was faster to make it then buy a replacement. The 123D file is below.

Its native size is 24 x 24 x 14.2mm and the shaft hole is oversized to allow PLA shrinkage.

I rescaled [the CAD file] to 22.8 x 22.8 x 14.2mm in Cura for a prefect fit using my PrintrBot Simple Metal. Used 30% infill.


I also lost the E-ring too (I think it's inside the vacuum?), but it's a common part you can find at the hardware store, look for a 5/16" e-ring.


You can make customizations with the raw CAD file below.

Happ Actuator | 8-way Competition Stick
Use with Autodesk 123D
Happ action.rar
Compressed file archive [111.0 KB]
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