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Suitcase Speaker-Box

American Tourist Suitcase $4.30

Three-way 6"x9" 4ohm car speakers $80

1/4" plywood and Gorilla Glue $12

20W Class D amplifier $25

RCA jacks $4


Best boombox ever.


A simple project, (mostly). You'll need a jigsaw to even attempt this project. Clamps will help tremdously as well. Lay out the speaker locations with the template provided (you usually get one when buying boxed car speakers), do the same with some plywood. Cut both out.

 Use more than-you-think-you-need amount of glue and plenty of clamps. The cardboard-ish material the suitcase is made of is very porous, so extra glue is required. Be sure everything is fully dry then bolt the speakers and amp in. Wire and done.

What you can't see is the vent hole the opposite site. You have to cut a decent size hole (this has a 2.5" hole) to allow the bass to vent- that is, let air flow inside the case as the speaker cone vibrates, causing pressure fluctuations, from large bass signals.

I made another recently with the help of my old friend from college. He wanted to make one as a Valentine's Day gift for his lady-friend...

Weird old suitcase - $??

Speakers ,150W RMS 6x9" $40 (got a solid deal)

Amp $26

Cables and RCA jacks ~$11

Plywood $2

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