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SHMUP Porta Pi 10"

A tribute to the best of arcades from the 1980's

Next to the "make a 2-player" request, a vertical screen cabinet is the second most requested design I get. I am happy to say after failing the first time, then iignoring all subsequent requests because of said failure I'm happy to say the SHMUP version is ready.

This SHMUP (short for SHoot 'eM UP type games) shares all the same parts as the Porta Pi Arcade 10" HD. The only difference is 6 buttons have been removed and the monitor has been rotated by 90 degrees. Luckily the raspberry pi can handle the shift in display by adding the simple command   display_rotate=1  to boot/config.txt. More details here in the FAQs. Rotating the video is heavy task for the pi in terms of resources. Expect the Pi 1 to show some screen tearing in the emulationstation menu with a rotated display. Pi 2 and up shouldn't be an issue, but I have not tested it at this time. Been working on this cabinet.....


I'd like you know your thoughts on this. If there is enough interest I will offer it as a shell kit and Full kit. Note if you bought a Porta Pi Arcade 10" HD, then you have all the guts (plus extra) to convert to a vertical screen arcade cabinet. 


Most of the cabinet between 1980-1990 used vertical oriented monitors. It wasn't until the raging fire of the two player cabinet street fighter where things started to change. I went with a Pac Man style because I like it. I like the sweeping curve that drops from the marquee to the control panel. The recessed monitor makes playing is lit environments easy. This design also gives you the proper ratio to slap side graphics on that maintain close proportions to classic cabinets. 

By the way, here's what my first attempt looked like for a veritcal cabinet. The LCD was 9". I know, ugly right?


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