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About This Site

Portable arcade cabinets and multi-cade cabinets built from scratch, completely by hand, using original designs, from the ground up.


These cabinets are commonly referred to as "MAME"s- Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators or "Multi-cades"; capable of emulating various consoles and arcade cabinets with their respective games.


I started doing this because, well, I wanted one for my personal entertainment. I missed playing the [retro] videogames I grew up with. Arcades were sorta cutting edge in my childhood, so the sights, sounds, and smells of an arade are fond memories. 

This site is to share the knowledge of arcade building. 


In 2008 I had this idea; build a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Simply put- an arcade cabinet. 


I was 20-something, had little money but will and perseverance. In a few months MAME Cabinet#1 emerged.

Built from scratch with a $3.00 garage sale computer, $40 in plywood, a donated CRT monitor, and some stuff from my Dad's garage, I designed the ugliest, heaviest retro game abomination ever to see this world. It was amazing.


From that day forward I've been building these shrines to better days of arcades. 




About Me

I like building stuff related to video gaming and tech.

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