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2-Player Porta Pi Arcade Kit

A number of people ask me, why not do a 2-player Porta Pi Arcade Kit? I did this some time ago as a custom order (this person sent me the LCD making the build rather custom to this one screen). Making a kit this size adds quite a bit of complexity which is why I haven't developed this as a kit. Yes, I still have the CAD files. For two player, I feel this size is best build with 3/4" plywood and a 23" montior giving both players a comfortable control layout. Most of my MAMEs are 2 player and built from plywood.


The LCD was 15" diagonal.


The bottom line is, this two player version uses about 3x the amount of wood even with a 15" LCD. At this scale the laser cutter I have access to just cant produce this kit in a manner that is feasable. Also, shipping this as a kit is rather pricey, the box is uncommonly bulky.

I've tried other 2-player variations. I don't want anyone to think 1-player is all I am focused on. The bottom line is: a 2-player cab will require at minimum a 15" monitor. The business needs some time to streamline to introduce a cabinet like that (it's quite the investment to stock a kit of that size). It's in the future. 

Thanks to Daniel for this photo. Another 2 player prototype. Needs improvement.

I had a go at a cocktail style 2-player. I like experiementing even if the results aren't what I want. 

Horizontal Screen layout.
Vertical Screen layout
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