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Motorized Rotating Turntable

Colloquially called the B-roll machine. It's a slowly rotating platform to assist with making more interesting b-roll video footage of an object instead of a static picture. My Life in Gaming is likely the best textbook example of how to make good b-roll with a device like this.  


I could use a device like this, so let's make one. Scroll down for the free CAD files, circuit and Arduino code. 
Bill of materials is coming soonish. Maybe. Depends on youtube views (over 10k and I will write the BoM, promise).




Inkscape files
Rotato_V3 free CAD files by Ryan Bates.s[...]
Scalable vector image [54.4 KB]
Arduino code
Uses <stepper.h> library!
Compressed archive in ZIP format [920 Bytes]

Parallel Screw Terminal (ST) breakout PCB here.

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