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Lap Timer for BMX Pump Track 

Guy holding a stopwatch not cutting it? Here's my solution.

Start line is actually at the top of the platform.

It's been about 1 week since install and the lap timer is working like a champ. My current best time= 19.65 sec

Will update when running sub 19's.
-October 2017: ~ 3 Weeks later. Best time is 18.65.

-November 2017: I also fractured my elbow at this time so I am waiting for that to heal before running fast laps. Yesturday we moved the screen. Since the LCD was at the starting line, crowds were forming and congesting the start of the track. It was moved to the general platform for the viewing the pump track. This way you can run your lap and the exit of the pump track directs you to the general viewing area, where the timer readout it. 
-March 2018: Best time is 18:93. Elbow fracture finally being less of a hindrance.



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