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Nov 14, 2015

My love letter to Sega.

Oct 28, 2015

Uploaded the newest RetroPie 3.2 images (Pi 1 and Pi 2) for the Porta Pi Arcade. 

Oct 22, 2015

Claw Machine v1.0 is being scrapped for parts! Buy the frame!

Oct 6, 2015

What I've been up to lately.

Sept 29, 2015

I updated the FAQ section for RetroPie v3.0

Also added RetroPie v3.0 for Pi 1 image

<Sept 28, 2015>

DIY Fight Sticks are now available!

Arcade kits will be in stock around first week of October.

<Sept 21, 2015>

Add a Marquee upgrade

Been using a vinyl cutter recently...

Some individuals have made their version of a mini neo geo. I will not be outdone!

<Sept 15, 2015 >

-I now have Sanwa joysticks, as well as a cheaper JAP joystick alternative. Adding these to the shop today. Happ Joysticks will still remain the default in kits. I will make an option  (add to cart button) to upgrade soon.

-More Full Kit stock should be ready late this week. I am waiting for the last parts to arrive in the mail. Thanks for being patient every one :) 

-I also have a few new things to show this month, once they are ready.

- Currenly building  claw machine version 2. 

-Trying out a new page layout! Everything is all messed up so just hold tight. 

<Aug 24, 2015 >

RetroPie V3.0 is out! I made an image that works with the Porta Pi Arcade and the Pi 2. It's awesome.


I am also done with summer camps; therefore, all my time is now focused here :)

<Aug 15,2015 >

Porta Pi Lite V3 is coming soon!

<Aug 11, 2015>

I am teaching summer camps this week and next. So outgoing orders will be on the slow side. More kits will be available starting August 24th :)

<Aug 3, 2015>

I am writing the BoM for the claw machine, and slowly filming the assembly video in small bits. I am thinking of making an altermate version with a wood frame. This significaly reduces the cost instead of using the aluminum extrusion frame.

<July 29, 2015>

Make Magazine noticed me!!  Make Mag I've got this sweet Arduino claw machine I'm working on,  it could be a stellar feature!!! ( I'm working on the documentation...)


<July 27, 2015>

The Tested Video came out without warning and traffic has been exploding. This week is the show and I am building some cabs for it. If you live anywhere near Pittsburgh you better check it out. 

Due to the increase in traffic, I am working on having some inventory to go along side all the additional attention.

Expect some 10" kits available tomorrow.

<July 6, 2015>

I have some slightly imperfect comfort pad artwork I want to give away (well it's $0.01 for inventory reasons). One artwork per comfort pad please!



Since Im not great at graphic design (have you seen the website?) I am thinking of making a user contributed section of artwork/vinyl. If you made your own artwork for the Porta Pi Arcade, and want to share it creative commons style, I will post/link it on my website. Just email me the file or link. 

<July 5, 2015>

Adjust the action (feel + deadzone) of the Suzo Happ competition joystick. I actually lost this part so I made a new one! Replacement actuator.



Also, have you seen the Prototype section of the Shop?

<June 18, 2015>

It is turning out to be a busy summer. The claw machine is up an running with all the game logic programmed. Latest pics here. I am hoping to make the stepper driver circuit a PCB in the near future.


Anyone interested in Porta Pi Arcade a-la-cart section? As in, the same DIY Kits but only pay for the parts you need? If yes, just tweet at me.


Full Kits for 9&10" will be in stock by the end of the month. 


I finsihed the two-player cocktail Porta Pi. I'll make a short video soonish.

<June 1, 2015>

Long time no update!

I have a bunch of Raspberry Pi Screw Terminal breakout boards in stock. Around 100 to be specific!


I have put about 60 hours in the past 2-3weeks into a project I abondoned in 2012. Since I have revisited it, I must say it will blow your mind. I present the Claw Machine!

<May 11, 2015>

I am working on a bulk PCB order for the RPi screw terminal breakout boards

Also, I have been considering designing new kits.

1) DIY Arcade fight stick (very basic rounded rectagle design)

2) Cocktail arcade cabinet (maybe 2 player?) same scale as the Porta Pi Arcades.

Good idea? bad idea? lend me your thoughts on twitter: @retrobuiltgames 

<May 7, 2015>

Lots of inventory (9 and 10" kits) is here! 

<April 22, 2015>

Acrylic Kits are ready:)

<April 9, 2015>
10.1" HD LCD kits are HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!

They've been in a few of my youtube videos if you have a careful eye ;) Now they are available.

I buit this 10.1" Neo Geo machine to show you how to paint like a pro.

<April 7, 2015>
Need a switch or quarter slot? Button inserts! Free CAD and 3D printer files.

<April 3, 2015>
The comfort control pad.

<March 29, 2015>

I am happy to see more awareness being raised regarding the Spanish company InterMedia/ who copied my design without my consent or compensation. My write-up here.


ON a lighter note: If you have finished your Porta Pi Arcade Kit send me a photo! I like seeing the unique paint-jobs and custom mods you guys come up with. I will add your photo to the hall-of-fame!

<March 25, 2015>

First prototype of the 'new' acrylic kit takes form. Looking good. There some tolerance issues that I need to address. (Yes, the screen size is 9"). I also need to move 3 bracket locations. You might have noticed the top middle hole location is not quite centered- don't know how I missed that. If you have not noticed; this design does not require glue or acrylic cement; just extra hardware. It is identical to the current 9" Wood Kit, just with brackets and no wood.

<March 23, 2015>

Full Kits are back in stock as of 9:20pm Eastern (New York time).

I still have t-shirts I am trying to get rid of; So buy one for a dollar when you buy a kit or something :)

<March 17, 2015>

Full Kits are sold out AGAIN!

I know... sorry. I have a show this weekend, so I am holding some inventory for it. Full Kits will be back in stock after the show. ( if you come and see me in-person I will have them:)

<March 16, 2015>

New image with RetroPie V2.6 is uploaded; it's for the Pi2 only.

I also re-uploaded image v4.5 (Retropie updated for Pi 1and Pi 2). Uploading a 1.8GB file with DSL is not advisable; I uploaded it again with a faster connection.

<March 14, 2015>

Check out how the Pi2 handles Playstation, 32X and Neo Geo MVS games!

Shop pages will be unavailble today as I "enhance" the layout. 


Happy Pi Day!

<March 11, 2015>

Got some 60 LCDs in today! I am spending the next few days shipping all orders. Thanks for being patient everyone! Full Kits will be in stock by March 13 (once I get these few dozen orders shipped).

<March 10, 2015>

First image is up for Pi2! Please be patient with the FTP server. It's a free one. Over the past 2 years my web traffic/audience has increase significantly; If you're having trouble getting the image to download, please be patient and try again later.


<March 4, 2015>

LCDs are on their way to me (about 60 of them)! Once they are in my hands Kits will ship out within 1-2 days. Also, Full Kits will be back in stock too. (I stopped taking orders to prevent a backlog until I have all parts on hand).


Guess who got their Pi 2 in the mail? This guy. I will be working on the image shortly.

<Feb 14, 2015>

Updated full assembly video guide is up!

<Feb 11, 2015>

ALL kits ordered after today with have new joysticks. Better quality, more 'beefiness'. Also, slight design update coming soon with an updated assembly video. I've been putting the video off b/c it's just soooooooooo much work. But, I will get it done.


IF YOU BOUGHT A KIT AFTER Feb 11th, Check the manual. I have updated it!

<<Dec 16, 2014>>

Never noticed the large (and confusing) copy-and-paste error on the Fully Assembled Kit page. Fixed and should make sense now.

<<Dec 10, 2014>>

My Web server has been experiencing DDoS attacks since Tuesday (Dec 11th). Thanks for those messaging me and tweeting at me expressing concern. Like any DDoS there is no expected time when it it stop. The site goes down randomly. Sorry everyone.



The good news is I've added new items to the shop!


Raspberry Pi B+ Computer

SD card with the Porta Pi Arcade OS installed

USB power cable for the RPi

<<Nov 26, 2014>>

How to add a working coin acceptor to your arcade!

I think I've seen this before

<<Nov 21, 2014>>

In an unfortunate turn of events, it looks like my design has been copied without my permission and is being sold without my consent, credit, or compensataion.
Full story here.

<<Nov 4, 2014>>

 GBA XXL, because why not?

<<Oct 23, 2014>>

Current design modeled in Invetor Professional 2014 with exploded assembly animation. Should aid with assembly.

<< Oct 14 2014>> 

Custom control panel. Laser etched then filled with paint and finally sanded a bunch.

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