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Doing-It-Myself since 2000-something.

<<April 22, 2014>>


I'm still updating the site. This is one of those things that needs to work right the first time. Pardon the wait.


<<April 16, 2014>>


As of today ALL but two Kickstarter Kits have been shipped. Of those last two, I either just got your address info this week, or you have still not filled out the address survey.


This means I'm done with the kickstarter. Finished by the dead-line too! From what I hear this is a rariety for Kickstarters.


"Are you taking new orders?" Yes, in a few days.

I'm adding Paypal buttons to the website. I am also revampping the layout in some areas to make this site easy to find what you're looking for. I'm not a web designer, but I will do my best.

Look for the big update in a few days.


I also need to restock inventory and make a few changes to the kit. These changes will be to aid me in the time it takes to pre-assemble kits. Expect to have to crimp, strip, and solder wires to build the Full Kits. When I say solder, I mean solder wires to panel-mount DC jacks, and wires onto speaker tabs. Nothing difficult like PCB soldering...


Stick around..

I will also be closing up shop on Etsy. This website gives me more control and power (and way less fees :)

<<March 27, 2014>>

Laser cutting is 80% done for all the Kickstarter kits. Everything is looking to be on schedule. 


For those of you who missed the kickstarter, I have made the Porta Pi Arcade Instructional PDF Manual available on my Etsy store:


If you want to buy a Kit, please continue to be patient. Things appear to be running smoothly; therefore, I will able to take new orders soon :)


Thanks as always for coming to my website, and checking out my stuff.

<< March 12, 2014>>

Still cutting cabinets. I've reached the halfway point for laser cutting. Shipping information to come via kickstarter.

I can't emphasize how crammed my apartment is with inventory. It's almost silly. 


I've uploaded a video showing how to mod/hack a game console to work with a Porta Pi cabinet. It doesn't go into extreme detail. But shows the basics.

<<Feb 22, 2014>>

Still cutting cabinets. Getting ready for the first initial shipment; some prepwork is involved. Every cabinet I cut I will do a dry-fit assembly. Just as a feel good to make sure everything fits ok and I don't forget a piece when it goes out. 


Here's a neon-red cabinet I made for a 'show'.


I've also been working on a controller box version of a Porta-Pi Arcade. Essentially it's the Porta-Pi without the monitor, speakers, and upper 2/3rds of the cabinet. The RPi was relocated so you can plug a HDMI cable straight from this box to your HD TV. It's a hybrid of the old Plug-n-Play tv games from 2010 mixed with a beefy fight-stick controller.

This will become a kit too. But not for a few months.


<<Feb 1, 2014>>

Nothing new to report. Just working diligently as usual. Took this picture of all the different prototypes I built.

<<Jan 13, 2014>>

"The Kickstarter has ended, but I still want a Porta-Pi Kit/PDF! Can I get one?"


The answer is yes! Thanks everyone for all the requests, inquiries, and general questions about the availablility of the Porta Pi after the Kickstarter. I can assure you, the Porta-Pi's life has just started"


At the moment, I'm getting some things situated, mainly placing part orders for the Kickstarter backers, and getting a handle on building the kits. 

I will make the Porta Pi kits available for anyone outside kickstarter; but, not until I have my backers' rewards on schedule and the best I can make them. 


So until that happens, please continue to check back here or my Etsy store for updates! 

My Etsy store is RetroBuiltGames

<<Jan 6, 2014>>

Happy New Year!

Kickstarter is coming to a close on a very high note. 
Check out the latest built of the Limited Edition Porta-Pi Arcade!

<<Dec 10, 2013>>




And it's taking off!!!!

First 24 hours and already 91% funded. Insane.

Thank you backers. Thank you so much!

<<Dec 8, 2013>>


The Porta Pi Kickstarter fell short of its goal at $21,815 of $36,000 making it the most successful failure ever.


I will be relaunching the kickstarter.

I've had many requests to sell a prototype or whatever I have completed.

Trust me guys, I want to say yes. However, making just one exception would hinder the re-launch of the kickstarter.


I'm hoping to have the relaunch "Porta-Pi Kickstarter: Revenge of Success" up this week.

The new goal is less than half of the original $36k.


Many others features, rewards, and shipping options have been improved, so, please stick around.

The pic above is a teaser. It's worth it.


Thanks everyone, 

<<Oct 31, 2013>>



Go there now, check it out,  and maybe support me if you'd be so kind!

And thanks for visiting my site!

<<Oct 23, 2013>>


Prototype phase is just about over. Approaching alpha phase!

Check the "DIY KIYS" tab for why you should care.




Get ready for a Kickstarter......

<<Sept 29, 2013>>



DIY Kits are taking shape!


I spent a few hours (about 6) drawing this cabinet for a 7" screen and Raspberry Pi.

See the photos in DIY Kits. It's still in the prototype phase, but I cut 3 of them. So If you've like what you see, let me know.


<<Sept 3, 2012>>



Built the Spapeoko. It's very cool! See a pic in "Other Stuff" at the top.



I've run out of room in the apt. So only small projects until I can clear out space. I have figured out how to wire and use the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins. So that has made working with it MUCH easier. No need to program a Teensy 2.0++ as a keyboard encoder. Working on a new RPi project now and revising the Porta Pi with this new discovery.
I will probably do a Guide for the RPi, and how to make a MAME out of it.

Click the links to the left to view my work!


[Almost] every cabinet I've ever built is shown.

And some additional projects.


The cabinets (MAMEs) are multi-console/arcade cabinets.

Meaning they run games from consoles such as:




Genesis 32x / Sega CD

Gameboy Advance


Nintendo 64


(Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Upcoming shows/vending:


Gamer's Con: April 27 
The Black Wolf Hall in Stow, Ohio (3099 Graham Road, 44224) 12-4pm

Carnegie Science Center 21+Night, May 16th,
Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA.


I Made It! Market, May 24th,
SouthSide Works, Pittsburgh PA.


I will be selling assembled, cabinets, kits, and stuffs.

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