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"What is this? A vending machine for ants?!"

My very first proof-of-concept for the claw machine ran on servos. The current claw machine uses stepper motors and for the longest time I wanted to use these leftover servo motors in a project. A vending machine seemed like a good idea to match the mini arcades...

Honestly I was just messing around with this project, as usual I got carried away/serious about it. If there is an interest in this. I will make more. 

I read on the Arduino.cc site how adding the "duino" suffex to things translates poorly in Italian.. but VenDuino just sounded soo good. Sorry in advance.


Shop items (wood kit) are available for this item here.


If you wish to copy the build shown in my video, you will need some things aside from a microcontroller. The wood kit includes items #1 and some nuts and bolts to assemble the shell. Here's a list of eveything else you may need.


Assembly Item Quantity Description
Body 1 1 Laser cut wood Body
Electronics 2 4 Parallax Servo Motor, Continuous Rotation
3 1 LED 5mm
4 1 DC-DC Stepdown Converter
5 4 16mm Momentary push button
6 1 Nokia 5110 LCD
7 1 74HC4050N Logic Level converter
8 1 BreadBoard
9 1 12V 2A DC Power Supply (5.1 x2.2 mm barrel)
10 1 5.1 x2.2 mm DC panel mount jack
11 3 misc wire, 1ft 22-24 AWG
12 1 12mm Power switch
13 1 F/F Dupont Jumper Wires, 30cm, 0.10" pitch
14 1 Male extra Long PCB headers, 0.10" pitch
15 1 12V LED strip, 30cm
Hardware 16 20 #6-32 x 0.75in Machine screw, Rnd Head
17 16 #6-32 x 0.5in Machine screw, Rnd Head
18 36 #6 nut
19 8 #4-40 x1" Machine screw, Flat Head
20 8 #4-40 nut

Here's the STL file for the dispensing coil discs. Note: that kits come with 'discs' you can glue the coils to. No printer needed.

coil mount dispense circle 45mmdia.rar
Compressed file archive [11.2 KB]

The circuit:

The code: 
Note: Please dont email me about "I cant get ____ to work".  It works, trust me. 


Microsoft Word document [12.9 KB]

Connection Summary aka "What goes where". This can be changed in the code; however servo connections usually require PWM dedicated pins.



I recently made this PCB to simplify all the electronics. It is basically an Arduino-complatible Uno clone board (ATMEGA 328P) with robust I/O connections and integrated LCD. Totally optional, but related. 

The Venduino PCB (optional)
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