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PCB Breakout and other stuffs

Universal Screw Terminal Breakout board for RPi+Arduino+more

New design for 2018. Doubles as a breakout for newer Arduino compatible boards like the nano/ micro, and a bunch of others like it (Teensy and Trinket series...). Fits anything with parallel headers spaced 0.6",  0.7" and 0.8" apart. Retains the same RPi GPIO breakout capabilities. 30% smaller footprint, smaller screw terminals (3.5mm).  Now with rounded corners!


  • Screw Terminal pitch = 3.5mm
  • All other holes are 0.1" spacing
  • Mounting holes match RPi B+, 2, and 3 models
Dimensions are in inches

The 2015 has been discontinued and replaced with the above PCB.

RPi Arcade Button Shield v1.0             ------Discontinued------

Because why not? There's a RPi shield for everything but buttons! So I decided to make one. Nothing fancy here- no serial encoding, no multiplexing. Just plug-and-play buttons mapped 1-to-1 to the Porta Pi Arcade controls.


 I am working on am improved version.


If you are interested in something like this, let me know? Twitter, email, youtube comments are all great.

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