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Folding Dog Ramp

I was asked to build a dog ramp as a Christmas gift. The dog in question, let's say he or she is named "Pickles" (must protect their privacy) and has trouble climbing into a human bed as he/she is rather fat. I mean husky.



The ramp had to fold under the bed, which has 7" clearance from the floor. I took some measurements and never having owned a dog or built something like this, I decided to make it up as I go. I will post some photos of the actual thing and said dog after the holidays. 

I did not take any progress shots during the build. I was trying to meet a deadline. Now that I built one I would change one thing. The top hinge should be changed to a ratchet-lock. Meaing cut notches in the longest bar. Like an upside-down beach chair. Makes things adjustable and collaspable without having to remove the two top bolts. 

I am also looking to get some carpet to attach on the ramp - will add extra grip for 'Pickles' the dog.

Dimensions are mostly approx, this really goes for the short cross bars that keep everything from racking. I built this by hand. You could CNC it, but I went tradition method as I made the 3D CAD file rather rough and would expect to fix any issues as I went. What you cannot see long rabbit joint that holds the ramp and it's connected side panels. The ramp is actually an oddly proportioned  "I" beam made of wood. I wanted it to be strong, so I went with the rabbit/dado joint. This way you can have a dog walk up into your bed, or use it as a steep motorcycle ramp. 

Everything can be built on a 4x4ft Sheet of plywood. I used 0.75" thick.

File is down below. Feel free to make your own!

Murphy Dog Ramp.eps
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