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Macro Keyboard with an Arduino Pro Micro (ATMEGA 32u4)

A hot-key, shortcut, or macro keyboard built with an Arduino Pro Micro. This macro pad has as many features as it does mistakes during the design process. I wanted to make a macro keyboard to improve my workflow with some CAD programs.  I added some of my favorite ideas from other's creations, like two rotary encoders, a mode switch, and a breakout to use a foot-petal for discrete keyboard stealthiness. 

Code: bare bones

Bare bones code for Macro Keyboard to switch between four custom application key sets.
Requires keyboard.h and keypad.h libraries.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.1 KB]

Code: YouTube video

A bit of experimenting is in this code: it's a bit messy but does showcase radical macro-key ideas.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [3.6 KB]

Paper Template:

Template to write/ brainstorm your hotkeys until committed to memory.
MacroKeyboard Key Template Layout.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [49.4 KB]

Purchase PCB:

STL files (3D print) Stand + Soldering Jig for Cherry Switches:

Macro Keyboard 3D print files, Stand_v3 [...]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [36.3 KB]

Scale STL to compensate for part shrinkage (PLA) :

X= 101%

Y= 100.4%

Z= 100% (no change)


I print on Ender3 Pro

Infill: 30%
Layer height: 0.28mm (Low quality)

Filament: Hatchbox PLA

Scale STL to compensate for part shrinkage (PLA) :

X= 101.4%

Y= 100.4%

Z= 100% (no change)

I kid you not, I forgot to label my nets on two PCB orders. I have been humbled.
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