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Adjustable Shelf for Game Boy Carts

I am a big fan of the Youtube channel My Life in Gaming. Their video about displaying their GameBoy cartridge collection got me thinking. I happen to have this odd shaped pile of scrap wood...

I had another try at the shelf. After staring at my first attempt for a couple weeks, I knew I could do better.

Below if my first attempt. Or more of an interpretation.

I drew some stuff



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Game Cart Shelf.svg
Scalable vector image [120.2 KB]

First attempt. Does what it says.  My Gameboy game collection is laughable, so the full effect isnt in full force here. 

Added the classic #6-32 bolt to hold everything together.

Then I got carried away. 

I picked the spacing to fit CD and DVD cases. Then added a shelf in between so gameboy / gamegear games can be stored. I ended up making there different sides. Pick the side spacing you want, adjust the middle section width and these should fit most retro gaming item.

I like sonic. I was also a hardcore PC gamer between 1996-2003 ish. I could go on about Fallout 1. Really adore that game. 


You can see in this photo, just omit the bottom part to fit tall objects.  I am sure these shelves would look nifty painted black. I will do that later. These shelves ended up going on top of my shelf full of games.  Feels good. "Yo Dawg! Heard you like shelves so we put shelves on your shelf so you can put racks on racks and stacks on stacks". -Xzibit

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