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Free DIY Mini Arcade Plans

I get a lot of requests for my Porta Pi Arcade CAD drawings. They are not for sale.


But, here are some super simplistic plans I drew for those who really want to build their own mini arcade with a tight budget. The overal size is 13.25 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches.


The design will fit on one 2x4 ft sheet of half-inch plywood/mdf. The monitor cutout is for this type of monitor which accepts composite video. It is very common and available by many sellers; I just picked one at random. I used this type of screen for the Porta Pi proof of concept.


It's a very simple design, suited for a jigsaw and circular saw/table saw.

A buttons holes are 1.125". This is a standard hole-saw size. Print the pdf tempate at 100% scale, lay it out on the plywood, tape and cut. Of course, you can use any other method you'd like.... Use the dxf file and make a CNC toolpath.




Please consider donating if you like free stuff:)

Note: These plans are not to be sold, rebranded or distrubed in any form without my consent. This includes the design in CAD or cut form.



DIY Mini Arcade Plans.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [3.7 KB]
DIY Mini Arcade Plans DXF.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [5.3 KB]
Trell S. used these free plans to make his mini Arcade!
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