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Nectar of the Gods

Rockstar Super Sours: Green Apple

Tastes Like: Medium "tart" (not sour) sour apple candy. This is my favorite of any energy drink. I would highly recommend.

NOS Original

Tastes Like: Someone spilled OJ in my Mountain Lightning with a dash of flavor magic. Second favorite of any energy drink. I would recommend.

Mtn Dew Kickstart: Pineapple Orange Mango

Tastes Like: Watery orangy-pineapple skittle water with cococonut after taste. Has a sexy 12oz Coors/Redbull style can. Don't let that fool you. 

I would not recommend.

Summit: Red Thunder

Tastes Like: Red Bull! It is a very close clone of Red Bull. You can find this at Aldi's.

I would recommend.

RockStar Super Sours: Bubble Berry

Tastes Like: Bazuka Joe's buble gum flavoring in a can. I just dont know what the deal is with this flavor.

I would NOT recommend.

RockStar Lime Freeze: Frozen Lime

Tastes Like: Limeade, but not the kind by the OJ with all the extra sugar/sweet taste to it. This is slightly tart, and very tasty. The title of this drink is redundant. 

I would highly recommend.

Summit: Gridlock

Tastes Like: Rockstar original, and darn near an identical clone of said flavor. I can appreciate the clear labeling of the caffeine contents. That's appreciated. Found at Aldi's.

I would recommend.

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