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Software FAQs

This page had been updated for RetroPie V3.0 (Ryan updated this Sept 29 2015)


Q. How do I configure advanced options for RetroPie?

A. The main configuration is a setup script. This is for advanced users only. In the terminal type:

            cd /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup

            sudo ./retropie_setup.sh

Follow the on screen prompts to configure advanced settings.


Q. How do I rotate the screen?

A. sudo nano /boot/config.txt

            add the following line 


where # does the following:

0                no rotation

1                rotate 90 degrees clockwise

2                rotate 180 degrees clockwise

3                rotate 270 degrees clockwise

0x10000    horizontal flip

0x20000    vertical flip



Q. How do I map the controls for MAME?
A. Load a MAME rom, press TAB on your keyboard.


Q. How do I configure the controls for the GBA (Gameboy Advance)?
A. Load a GBA rom, press F10 on your keyboard.


Q. How do I change the order of the emulators? (Where is es_systems.cfg)
A. cd  /etc/emulationstation/
sudo nano es_systems.cfg
Select the group of the text related to the emulator. Cut and paste it above or below other systems. This will change the order in emulationstation.
To remove emulators from the list, comment them out using:


Q. How do I map the controls for the other emulators? (Where is retroarch.cfg)
A. cd /opt/retropie/configs/all/
sudo nano retroarch.cfg


Q. Where is the master rom folder?
A. /home/pi/RetroPie/roms


Q. Where is the Rpi's boot config text file? How do I edit it?
A. In terminal type "sudo nano /boot/config.txt"


Q. How do I map my USB joystick?

A. The GUI option is located in EmulationStation.


Q. Where is the master rom folder?
A. /home/pi/RetroPie/roms


Q. What is the default login/password?
A. login:pi        password:raspberry


Q. What emulators on are on RetroPie?
A. Note: The Raspberry Pi is not capable of emulating all these systems at 100% normal speed.

Amiga (UAE4All)
Apple II (LinApple)
Apple Macintosh (Basilisk II)
Armstrad CPC (CPC4RPi)
Arcade (PiFBA, Mame4All-RPi)
Atari 800
Atari 2600 (RetroArch)
Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon
C64 (VICE)
CaveStory (NXEngine)
Doom (RetroArch)
Duke Nukem 3D
Final Burn Alpha (RetroArch)
Game Boy Advance (gpSP)
Game Boy Color (RetroArch)
Game Gear (Osmose)
Intellivision (RetroArch)
MAME (RetroArch)
NeoGeo (GnGeo)
NeoGeo (Genesis-GX, RetroArch)
Sega Master System (Osmose)
Sega Megadrive/Genesis (DGEN, Picodrive)
Sega Mega-CD (Picodrive)
Sega 32X (Picodrive)
Nintendo Entertainment System (RetroArch)
N64 (Mupen64Plus-RPi)
PC Engine / Turbo Grafx 16 (RetroArch)
Playstation 1 (RetroArch)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (RetroArch, PiSNES, SNES-Rpi)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (Fuse)
PC / x86 (rpix86)
Z Machine emulator (Frot)


Q. How do I move/ copy ROMs?
A. This method is for RetroPie v3.0: Insert a blank USB flash drive into your PC and create a folder named "retropie". Insert this USB flash drive into your Pi and wait about 20 seconds. Now insert this flash drive back into your PC. Inside the "retropie" folder you will see a new folder structure of all the emulators. Place your roms in the respective folders. Insert this flash drive into you RPi and it will automatically sync. MAKE SURE your RPi's SD card has room before syncing! Depending on the RPi CPU (single or quad core) and how many files you are copying, this make take minutes or hours.
For earlier versions of RetroPie (pre 3.0) use the same method as above, but ignore the first step of creating a folder named retropie on your PC.


Q. How do I Adjust the Rpi's volume output?
A. Type "alsamixer" in terminal. Follow instructions.


Q. How I do Copy/Paste/Move files in terminal?
A. See


Q. Where does ___ bios go?
A. Ususally in the resepctive ROM folder. See petrockblock.com forums for details


Q. What is done to a vanilla RetroPie image (v 2.6- 3.0) to make it work with a Porta Pi Arcade setup? retrogame.c support in RetroPie v2.3 and up.

Lots of stuff. See all the Q's below.


Q. How do you make the arcade controls work with GPIO?

A. Retrogame and once you download it, this is what I change for the Porta Pi Arcade.


Q. How Do I move Retrogame over to my Raspberry Pi's SD card? (assuming you downloaded it first...) 
A. Place the associated files into a folder named 'Retrogame' and see below.

cd  /home/pi
mkdir  Retrogame

cd  /media/usb0/Retrogame
cp makefile /home/pi/Retrogame
cp retrogame /home/pi/Retrogame
cp retrogame.c /home/pi/Retrogame
cp README.md /home/pi/Retrogame


Q. How do I install Retrogame?
A. Add the folder to /home/pi   I suggest appending the folder name to "Retrogame" sans "Adafruit-Retrogame" as it is easier to type.

cd Retrogame
sudo nano retrogame.c

crtl+O (save any changes you require) then exit.
sudo make retrogame
sudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/10-retrogame.rules

type the following in the nano editor:
                SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="retrogame", ENV{ID_INPUT_KEYBOARD}="1"
                save and exit

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Before the final “exit 0” line, insert this line:
/home/pi/Retrogame/retrogame &
                save and exit

reboot the system and done.


Q. What other Customization is done with RetroPie v3.0 to work well with the Porta Pi Arcade?
A. Here's a brief list:
alsamixer   set to 80db
sudo raspi-config
                overclock CPU... Pi1=Medium  Pi2="Pi2"
                Disable overscan
                Force Analog Audio Out

cd /opt/retropie/configs/all/
sudo nano retroarch.cfg

Changes made:

            video_aspect_ratio=1.77   (edit, should be 1.60 for the 10.1" LCD. oops)
            config_save_on_exit=true                     (optional)

            #input_state_slot_increase = right

            #input_state_slot_decrease = left


            video_shader_enable = false (not done, recommended if you like sharp pixels)
            video_smooth = false (recommended if you like sharp pixels)




The video below is slightly outdated now (was for RetroPie v2.3). But I wont stop you from watching it.

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