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Power Questions

"Can I power the Porta Pi Arcade with a battery?"

"What does _____ need for power? Can I supply _____ to _____?"


and other related questions. These power facts should help you out. 


Power Consumption Quick Facts:

Build: RPi 2 @ 800MHz + 10.1" LCD + 2 Watt stereo Amplifier  

             All supplied with 5V DC switching PSU.


Measured amps (see diagram above) using my Tenma 72-7735 DMM, which I tend to trust.

Idle in Emulation Station: 1.46 A

Emulating PS1 game w/ volume at Max: 1.46 A

Emulating NeoGeo MAME: 1.48

Idle in Terminal: 1.34A 




Other Facts:

Power Comsumption of 10.1" LCD 250mA @ 5V (backlight at 50% brightness)

Battery Pack

"Can I power the Porta Pi Arcade with a battery pack?"

Yes. That is the short answer.
"How" is all up to you. I did a half-assed attempt a few years ago using rechargable cordless drill batteries. But I expect you'll want a more eligant solution. I would suggest removing the amplifier and replace with a headphone jack:)


There are many battery packs out there, feel free to show me what you figure out!

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