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Add a Coin Slot + Acceptor

Total build cost:

Optical sensor (OPB3849A):  $5

 Resistors:                           $0.50




See video for circuit and how to install.


I might be adding this modification to kits. Not sure when that will happen. I still need to try some other sensors, find a better price for said sensors and find the right location on the control panel for the cutout. You might note the joystick I am using is different than what's in the kits. This is because when I cut the slot I measured wrong and had to use one of my backup joysticks (this joystick has a slightly different foot print). 


The part number of the Optical sensor I used is OPB3849A, this is one type of many that will work. The biggest difference with the sensors is the package size and the gap of the IR slot.


NOTE: If you do this mod, you musy  use my image of retropie. Otherwise you risk damaging your Pi.


Why not 3D print this coin slot insert?

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