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Button Plugs

You can add some features or extra functionality by sacrificing a button with these custom inserts. I printed these on my PrintrBot Simple Metal (which I would reccomend btw).


The first insert will house a switch. The second is a slot for US quaters. The under side of this insert has a flat area to mount a optical sensor to builld a working coin acceptor. I will add more photos of this assembly when I get more optical sensors in the mail :)


I included the STL and AutoCAD Inventor 2014 files.

The switch an opening of 0.505" x 0.805" (+/- 0.01"). The quarter insert has an opening of 0.90" x 0.095". Quarter slot is slightly oversized to accound for tolerance issues due to PLA shrinkage and different printers. I am slightly new to 3D printing; accounting for shrinkage and printer accuracy is all over the place for me.


The STL files are in milimeters (mm).

Inserts fit 1.125" button holes.



Download .stl and .ipt files.
Button Inserts.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [312.6 KB]
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