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Mini Vending Machine (version 2)


My very first proof-of-concept for the claw machine ran on servos. The current claw machine uses stepper motors and for the longest time I wanted to use these leftover servo motors in a project. A vending machine seemed like a good idea to match the mini arcades...

Honestly I was just messing around with this project, as usual I got carried away/serious about it.

I revisied this design, the changes improvements are:

  1. The front panel was split into two parts. You can hinge the main door for easier restocking.
  2. There is a blank panel that you can drill hole for the buttons you want to use. 
  3. The code was rewritten for a rotary encoder. Less wiring, less parts than 4 buttons. 
  4. Extra panel and room for a real quarter/coin acceptor. (Search for a 'Donkey Kong replacement quarter acceptor') That should fit.
  5. Microcontroller board can now mount sideways; great for show and tell.


General FAQs:


  • Will it fit ____ Coin? Coin slot size is 1.05 x 0.08 inchesThe coin slot fits US quarters, but is slightly oversized to avoid tolerance problems with the US quarter..
  • How big is the vending machine? 9.25 x 10.25 x 7 inches ( W x H x D)
  • Will it fit all Nokia 5110 LCDs? I don't know, but the cut out for the screen is 1.348 x 1.615 inches. 


Purchase a Kit

Kits available:


Shell Kit w/ Basic Nuts/Bolts (The very miniumum hardware to hold the shell together.)

  • Qty 27,  #6-32 x 5/8 inch bolts.
  • Qty 10,  #6-32 x 1/2 inch bolts.
  • Qty 37,  #6-32 nuts


Nov 2016 update: The internet has taken a liking to this kit so I made some changes: The wood you will receive is birch underlaminate. Outside faces are cut on the 'good' side. Four, circular cut discs are also included. I also made some aesthetic changes to the front facing panel- the top and bottom now have a clean straight cut. CAD model below represents what you are purchasing. 

--Discontinued-- Kits are no longer available. 

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