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Prototype Kits/ Projects

Stuff that is taking up space. What you see is what you get. They are being sold AS-IS and I will not add __ to them to suit your needs. These are abondoned projects or show models. Shipping is extra unless specified. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you can pick them up craigslist style.

Contact me if you are interested.


Claw Machine V3 Frame + extra

Misumi (Part# HAUBC5-2020-W508-D457-H660-C) Extrusion Lot. Aluminum is in great  shape; was never stressed or flex beyond its structural capabilities. Aluminum has some scuffs, scratches from being used. There is some light duty adhesive  residue on the four longest beams.  Purchased from Misumi Feb 2016 for $238 USD

Parts build a frame measuring 508x457x660mm (20x18x26inches) using 20x20mm aluminum extrusion. This frame can only be assembled as shown in photo. Item is shipped UNASSEMBLED.

Includes extra beams  (qty 2) 30x30mm extrusion, and (qty 1) 20x40mm extrusion

M5 bolts and pre-insertion nuts build used with the brackets build the frame. Note: some nuts are missing, about 6. See photo. There are about 10 extra brackets in this lot.  The Brackets that build the frame are tapped perpendicular to the mounting holes, making added 'windows' or framing panels to this box easy.
M4 bolts and pre-insertion nuts are extra to expand this beyond a frame.  

$190+ shipping. 

Empty Shell for Pandora's Box 4
Had an idea to re-use these shown below, But I dont need a stack of them. Screws that hold shell together are included.

I have a total of 4 orange cases. The blue one is not for sale/incluced. It's my PiStation 4. 

$Free +  shipping for USA. 

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