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Porta Pi Arcade Classic: Wood Kit 10.1" LCD

The Porta Pi Arcade is a desktop-sized, fully functional, arcade cabinet measuring just under 13 x 10 x 10 inches (HxWxD). The full kit is my most popular item equipped with a 10.1" screen. 


This Porta Pi Arcade is a DIY kit that turns your Raspberry Pi (Model B, B+, Pi2, Pi3), or other tiny computer, in a fully functional Mini Arcade. All Kits include detailed instructions, with photos and diagrams showing how to assemble your tiny arcade.


The Porta Pi Arcade Wood Kit Includes:

  • Precision Laser Cut Cabinet (bunch of wood panels)


The wood is underlaminate plywood. This wood takes paint well, but proper sanding, filling, priming and painting will result in the best look.


Don't want to use a Raspberry Pi? No problem! The cabinet can accommodate small, older video game consoles or single board computers. The joystick and buttons can be hard-wired to the console's controller turning it into a dedicated unit. Or, fit a mini-ITX motherboard or ultra-compact PC inside and it becomes a super powered mini PC arcade. You can also fit a small JAMMA PCB inside, small PCBs like the 60-in-1 boards that are all over ebay. 


This kit fits the Raspberry Pi B (512MB rev 2) B+, Pi 2, and Pi 3 models.



The Raspberry Pi, an 8GB+ SD Card, and the RPi's respective power cable (micro usb) is NOT included in any kit. 


Tools required to assemble Wood Kit: 

-Wire cutters/strippers
-Wire crimpers (22AWG)
-Wood Glue 
-Soldering Iron 

-12inch bar clamp (optional)
-Dremmel or hot glue gun (one or other, not both)




"Does it fit the Pi 3 ?!" Yes , the Pi3 will fit in this kit. The Pi3 has the same mechanical footprint as the Pi2.


Arcade Kit Types:

I focus on DIY.  Explore this website to see if these Arcade Kits match your DIY skills.

Wood Shell Kit

For the experienced builder on a budget. Wood color will vary.


Optional Parts

Clear acrylic for the marquee, LCD bezel, and control panel. Good for protecting your paint/artwork from heavy use. Also completes the look.

Note: Be sure to select the correct cabinet model from the drop down menu below. I have one button containing all acrylic cabinet model add-ons, make sure you pick the appropriate model for your cabinet. 

Go to Arcade Parts page and add to cart.

Using a 12V supply? Check out the Power Block Arcade for easy wiring + a stepdown converter.

How to Assemble

Before you buy you should know what you're getting yourself into. This manual shows all the steps to build the arcade. I designed everything, I wrote the entire manual. No surprises here.  The manual includes: 

  • Detailed steps, pictures, charts and illustrations explaining the assembly
  • Bill of Materials (list of parts)
  • Trouble shooting section
  •  How to download and install OS image to SD card

You should read the manual before buying, it has the most up-to-date assembly. I occasionally change parts, revise the design and these changes are always reflected in the pdf manual, not the video.

Did I mention you can download the entire manual for free?

Cabinet Panel Kits will take many hours to source parts and build.

Full Kits will take 6-8 hours to build. Lots of assembly is required.

General / Shipping information:


Shipping times: Allow 1-2 weeks for Full Kits. If I am under some kind of delay (for example waiting for parts or traveling for a show) I post this information on the build pageChanged your mind? All Arcade kit returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee once shipped. If not shipped you will receive a full refund.

International Shipping is available. Just click the "buy it now" button and paypal will give you the shipping cost before checkout. Buyer is responsible for any customs  taxes/ import fees.

I do not do backorders. I do not sell arcade kits I do not have in stock. 


Please read the description carefully. Kits require a few tools and a Raspberry Pi computer (or similar).


Download the fully configured Retro-Pie SD card imagefor your Raspberry Pi !


Items are shipped Priority Mail (USPS) with tracking# and insurance.

If you have any other questions, please contact me.


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