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Mini Arcade Kits

2020 Inventory Update:

Sept 9 2020. <Full Kits> Sadly, I must discontinue Full Kits. A number of things have made things 'difficult' to sustain margins when buying and offering the vast electronic based inventory for full kits. New tarifs, more tarifs, covid, schools shutting down and canceling dozens of orders. Now a wood shortage. You know. 


Wood kits will be the focus from here on out. I will add part numbers and vendor links for the fundamental components. This was not an easy decision, however it will free up some of my resourses for more videos, hardware creations, and newer arcade designs. 

I've been working on some 2:3 scale designs....


2020 Inventory Update:

March 27, 2020. <Wood> Wood supplier has changed again, slightly different underlayment wood is in use. It has a drastic color difference between faces. I would highly recommend you prime and paint over this wood. The wood panels will be very miss-matched. It'll look weird. 


<5V Power Supplies> I have a few 5V 3A PSUs in stock. If you want a 5V in place of a 12V, just add the 12V (or select 12V kit) and say in the checkout notes swap this for 5V. 


I started with one design. Now I have many styles. I have to credit my fan base and loyal customers who email me with requests, tips and questions. These designs are because of them. 

Arcade Types

Porta Pi 10"

The original and most popular. Measuring in at 13 x 10 x 10 inches (HxWxD) this will turn your RPi (or similar) into a fully functional mini arcade machine.

Porta Pi Vertical

Similar in design to the Porta Pi Arcade, this design has the monitor in a vertial orientation. A homage to the 1980's.

Porta Pi Nano

A deeper control panel with added storage space for a versatile build. Embellishments like a marquee and oversized speakers have been scrapped for a "just gaming" theme. 


Have friends? This cabinet is just wide enough for 2 players. Expect to rub elbows and other body parts when playing.

All Arcade types share same core parts.

Change your arcade look and feel without having to purchase all new electronics. (Unless you want to)...

Here's what you can do with my kits. Awesome paint job / graphics not included. Extra parts shown not included. Results may vary (I've had lots of practice).
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