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Non Arcade Electronics

NESPi Case

Fits Raspberry Pi B+ ,2, and 3.  In Stock!   [Inventory remaining ~28%]
$23 + Shipping


Beefy ATMEGA 328P (Arduino Uno compatible)

An Arduino-compatible Uno clone PCB. Build around the Venduino I made, there are 6 connections for servos and a direct connection for a Nokia 5110 LCD. A vending machine is one use for this board. This PCB is mainly to address the wimpy headers on most Arduino Uno-type boards with a bit of beef (screw terminals) to connect to I/Os. There are 3.5mm pitch screw terminals for each I/O and 6 pwm (servo) connections. Full detailed description+ assembly here. 

To program you will need a FTDI (USB to serial) dongle. The FTDI-USB programmer is not included in any kit. 

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