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Non Arcade Electronics

Beefy ATMEGA 328P (Arduino Uno compatible)

An Arduino-compatible Uno clone PCB. Built around the Venduino I made, there are 6 connections for servos and a direct connection for a Nokia 5110 LCD. A vending machine is one use for this board. This PCB is mainly to address the wimpy headers on most Arduino Uno-type boards with a bit of beef (screw terminals) to connect to I/Os. There are 3.5mm pitch screw terminals for each I/O and 6 pwm (servo) connections. Full detailed description+ assembly here. 

To program you will need a FTDI (USB to serial) dongle. Sold as bare board only.


Universal Screw Terminal Breakout PCB for Raspberry Pi GPIOs, Arduino Nano/Micro, +more.

This is a PCB that functions as a screw terminal breakout for 0.1" development boards like the Arduino Nano/Micro and the GPIO headers of the Raspberry Pi B+ 2,3, and Zero. 
Located between the screw terminals mounts are two rows of 20-pin headers that can fit development boards with parallel connections spaced 0.6", 0.7" and 0.8" apart. Mounting holes on this PCB align with the Pi B+, 2, 3 and Zero versions. This PCB is sold as a bare board, 4-pack of bare boards, or single board with headers and screw terminals included (see photos). 
Quick facts about this PCB:
  • Screw Terminal pitch = 3.5mm
  • All other holes are 0.1 inch spacing
  • Footprint is 2.87 x 1.61 inches (73x41mm)
Assembly is required. Additional parts may be required. An Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other pictured development board is not included. Photos are examples of use and size comparisons only.
Select Quantity

Available as a bare PCB single or bulk pack. Suggested use would require the following parts (not included).  

Part Description (PCB Kit only) QTY
PCB Arcade Screw Terminal 1
Female Header 1x20   0.1" pitch 4
Male Header 1x20   0.1" pitch 2
Screw Terminal (1x2pos) 3.5mm pitch 20




International buyers, if you just want a PCB and nothing else from this shop, use my ebay listing. Selling through Ebay provides better international shipping rates. 

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