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Coin Pusher Kit

Build a Desktop Coin Pusher for Pennies!


The Coin Pusher has been discontinued

Kits are available for the US penny and will accomodate coins smaller than the US penny. I did make an update assembly video. I will not be making any other documentation regarding assembly. If you're unsure how to assemble with the information provided and not confident you can figure it out- this kit is not for you. This kit is intended for the self-sufficient builder. A motor is not required to enjoy this build, as there is a way to drive the pusher with a crank. However, a motor will provide the best experience as you throw pennies at this machine.


The Wood Panel Kit includes just enough to build the shell. You will need to supply additional hardware. Wood Panel Kit includes following:

Quantity Description (Wood Panel Kit)
1 Coin Pusher Wood Body + Acrylic Windows

#6-32 x 0.75 (or 5/8) inch Round Head

40 #6-32 x Nut




The Hardware Kit includes all the nuts and bolts needed to complete the handcrank version. The Hardware Kit includes:

Quantity Description (Wood Panel Kit)
1 Coin Pusher Wood Body + Acrylic Windows
60 #4-40 x 0.75inch Round Head
60 #4-40 Nut
16 #6-32 x 0.5 inch Round Head
40 #6-32 x 0.75 (or 5/8) inch Round Head
8 #6-32 x 1.00 inch Round Head
2 #6-32 x 1.25inch Round Head
66 #6-32 x Nut
10 #8-32 x 0.5" Truss Round Head
4 #8-32 x 1.25 inch Round Head
6 #8-32 x Nut
4 #8-32 x 1.00 inch F/F Hex Stand Off (Aluminum)
4 #8 x 0.5 inch Nylon Spacer
1 Piano Hinges #8 or #6 holes (11.5")
1 M5 x 60mm Hex Head (fully threaded)
5 M5 x 20mm Head Head
6 F625zz Flange Bearing (5x16x5mm) M5
8 M5 Nut
14 M5 Washer
8 M5 Washer (Wide)
100 Perler Beads


If you want to drive the coin pusher with a motor, you will need to supply it and all electronics. There is no coin pusher kit that includes all electronics. 

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