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Claw Machine V4, Arduino Compatible

I have built four working prototypes of my ATmega powered Claw Machine. The fourth iteration has finalized the design (probably).  All I can say is there are a ton of parts and I am in over my head. Kits are TBD. 


There is no in-depth assembly manual/video for this machine as of yet. Meaning, you are buying these partial kits well knowing you're own your own. The claw machine build page might be of assitance. 


This item has gone back into R&D. See the build page for the latest news.

Basic Servo Claw,  V4

Wood parts to build my servo claw seen on my Claw Machine V4.  

My design is not perfect, it has proven very reliable in field testing of my claw machine.

You must drill the servo mounting holes to fit your servo. I found that servo mounting holes are non-standard so they are not cut on this design. You get wood parts only. Servo is not included, hardware is not included.


"What Motor fits in this?" Shown in my videos is a Hi-tec HS-422 servo motor. When supplying your servo motor, I would aim for that size/type.



<< Buy button in progress>>

Claw Machine Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver Board v4

The PCB I made for a claw machine application. There might be other and possibly better methods to drive these motors, like a DIY 3D printer driver PCB, but I wanted to make the machine from scratch, so here we are.

This board can drive [supply power] to four Unipolar Stepper motors independantly labled on the PCB as X, Y+, Y- and Z. Th PCB features the ability to drive 2 motors independantly and with the other motor pair (Y-,Y+) mirrored of each other.  Just install 0.1" jumpers to duplicated the signals to motors Y- and Y+, which is what I did with previous claw machines, but has since removed the extra Y motor.

This board also has two extra TIP120 spots to control power to:

A) Servo Motor and 

B) turn LED's 


All the connections are broken out via an IDC cable from the main header of an Arduino Mega. See pics below.


I laid this PCB out to have a separate Vcc for every stepper motor. You can drive all the steppers at the same voltage, or mix and match.  Meaning; the Vcc's are isolated/independant from eachother. The power traces are pretty fat, I think I spec'd it to match the max current of the TIP120's. I mean, that would be smart right?


!!!!You are buying the bare PCB only!!!!!

To populate this PCB and use for the intended application of a claw machine you will need to supply the following thru-hole components:

  • 18x TIP120 Darlinton Transistors
  • 18x ~2.2k resistors
  • 2x 330 resistors
  • 14x (2-pos) Screw Terminal Headers, 3.5mm pitch
  • ~30 Male headers 0.1" pitch
  • 3x 5k Pots (optional)
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