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Screw Terminal Breakout Board for RPi

Convenient PCB that can do a couple things:

A) Breakout your Raspberry Pi GPIOs to screw terminals (great for arcade building)

B) Breakout many Arduino compatible dev boards that have 0.6"-0.8" Pitch spacing to screw teminals.


Quick facts about this PCB:

  • Screw Terminal pitch = 3.5mm
  • All other holes are 0.1 inch spacing
  • Mounting holes match RPi B+, 2, and 3 models

Assembly is required. 


The IDE cable pictured is not included. I recommend going to a goodwill or anywhere that has old computer junk and grabbing an IDC cable. Pro Tip: Ohm out the cable and make sure it's still functional and a one-to-one pinout before connecting. I made this assumption without checking and killed a RPi :(


You can use the extra long stacking header on top of the RPi in a shield configuration, but I admit it looks weird. The Raspberry Pi is not included.
I am selling this item on eBay.

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Available in PCB or Kit form. A PCB Kit contains: 

Part Description (PCB Kit only) QTY
PCB Arcade Screw Terminal 1
Female Header 1x20   0.1" pitch 4
Male Header 1x20   0.1" pitch 2
Screw Terminal (1x2pos) 3.5mm pitch 20

International Buyers (outside United States) please buy from my ebay shop. The shipping rates are much lower. Ebay's checkout allows better flexibility than what I can do on my paypal shop.

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