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Power Block PCB

This PCB simplifies the task of distributing power to the mini arcade's main components: LCD, amplifier, and Raspberry Pi (or other single board computer). This PCB is just a glorified hub with easy terminations for wire pairs and dc pigtails to make the task power wiring straight forward. This PCB can accept the common adjustable DC buck (step-down) converter for those who want to use a 12V DC input on their arcade. I've built enough mini arcades that I know wiring was still painful and confusing for beginners . Though not required, the Power Block PCB will make the task easier to manage and get things wired faster.

If you solder the appropriate resistors this PCB also functions as a high-current USB charger.

Kit Type

I've only tested this voltage divided on the devices I have. The rest is unverified information from the internet- proceed with caution.

Charge device D+ D- Notes
iPhone 2.0 2.0 untested
iPad 2.0 2.7 untested
2400mA 2.7 2.7 untested and risky for this module
Samsung phones/ PS4 controller 1.2


tested! and working fine
unknown D- shorted D+ shorted untested
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