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Neo Pixel and RGB LEDs

Illuminate your arcade with all the colors. Mainly the marquee, but why stop there. See the rainbow, program the rainbow.


Pick either RGB "Neo Pixel" or RGB+W LED strips. All use 5050 smd LEDs.

Neo Pixel are 5050 smd. Each LED is individually addressable and come in two different technologies :

  • WS8212  driven by 5V; or
  • WS8211  driven by 12V

This means you need a deicated microcontroller (like an ATtiny85) to drive the LEDs on the black tape. I recommend Adafruit NeoPixel library; use the strandtest example to get familair with these things. 

The white tape LED strips are old-fasion RGB + white LEDs with common anode. These LEDs are not individually addressable; one color is set for all LEDs in the strand. Supply 12V to the strip and three transistors (four if you use the white LED) to 'blend' the color you want. This strip has a natural white LED between every other RGB LED.


Sold in 30cm lengths (about 18 LEDs)

This is the Adafruit NeoPixel Jewel - 7 x 5050 RGBW LED w/ Integrated Drivers - Natural White - ~4500K. They are driven similarly to the WS8212 and can be chained together. Each unit contains 7 RGBW LEDs. 

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