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10.1" Inch LCD | Fits Porta Pi HD,Vert,Nano, and JAMMArCADE 1P, 2P

The perfect-fitting LCD for all my current available arcade kits... or your next project. This 10" LCD has a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and includes the appropriate driver board PCB, button PCB and ribbin cable. Compatible with HDMI, VGA, and composite video devices. The tiny PCB with buttons controls the monitor's functions such as brightness, contrast, input select and similar. The LCD panel measures 149 x 228 x 4 mm.


There are slew of datasheets on the web for this LCD and slightly ambiguous ebay descriptions for identical screens. From my observation and testing this screen can be powered from 5-12V DC. I get these from my vendor who uses a higher quality LCD. The driver board is very common; however, this TFT LCD is a little thicker and of better build quality. These parts are OEM. Note: the button PCB may differ slightly.


Pro-tips for use: When using HDMI make sure this LCD powers on at the same time or before the video device initiates the HDMI handshake. If you power on your video device, then this LCD the 'HDMI handshake' will not complete and your video device will be unable to communicate with this screen. Power cycling with resolve the issue, but simultaneous power-on is key here.


LCD 10.1inch w/ PCB $74
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