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Arcade Parts and Extras

Acrylic Sets for Mini Arcades

For all Porta Pi Arcades and JAMMArCADE models.

Arcade Starter Kit

Get a jump start to building your arcade with the essentials.

Arcade Buttons (Happ)

Concave headed button for mounting holes of 1.125 inches. Includes microswitch and nylon nut.

Sanwa Joystick

Responsive and snappy. The standard in Japanese arcade machines

Screw Terminal Breakout

Breakouts RPi GPIO pins to screw terminals. Also fits Arduino Nano, Micro and many other parallel deve board with 0.6in-0.8" pin headers.

10.1inch LCD (HDMI,VGA)

Fit's all mini arcade kits on this site.

Power Block PCB

Simple solution to wiring your arcade.


When you need to go from OFF to ON and back again.

DC Power Supply

Available in 12V or 5V output.

Neo Pixel and RGB LEDs

Add flair and color to your arcade project.


Ground Loop Isolator

Fixes noisy audio or the 'bzzzzz' in your speakers.


Keypab PCB

Add mechanical keyboard keys to any project.

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