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Fight Stick V3

Improvements to this piece and side panels.

Design Update: March 2016

The top panel now features no cutouts for the body. The side panels are now flush. This makes apprearaces much cleaner, and assembly much more tolerant. The FS is still just as sturdy. Dimensions/ assembly have not changed. See the video below which reflects this update.


Slightly NEW and mostly IMPROVED.

A stand alone arcade for your HDTV or monitor! Or add a bluetooth module to make an arcade controller for your tablet or bluetooth enabled device!

All the awesome of the Porta-Pi Arcade, but in a more economical package. The Porta-Pi Lite is designed to allow your Raspberry Pi  to plug straight into your HDMI compatible TV or monitor so you can play your favorite retro games from the comfort of your couch.



The Porta-Pi Fight Stick Kit features:

  • Sturdy enclosure for your Raspberry Pi w/ integrated arcade controls

  • Full Featured arcade fight stick

  • Suzo Happ Arcade buttons

  • Fits JAP joysticks (Sanwa)

  • Note: This will fit larger joysticks (like the Happ), but not with the Pi installed.  That's why I am bundling this with Sanwa joysticks by default. 


Tools required to assemble kit:

  • Drill with Counter-sink bit
  • Wood Glue
  • Screw driver
  • Wire Strippers and Crimpers
  • Soldering iron (optional)


The Raspberry Pi is NOT included in any kit. You can purchase that separately. The Joystick Ball top is RED. I do not have alternate colors. Assembled kits are not painted/vinyled nor have graphics. Graphics and paint/vinyl are on you!

The smallest button (16mm biameter) is always black in color. When buying Full kits and above please tell me the colors you want for the other 11 arcade buttons. You can pick from : PurpleRedGreenOrangeYellowBlackWhite, Blue

The default color mix is 3 Black, 2 White, 1 Yellow, 1 Orange, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Purple.


"Does it fit the Pi 3 ?!" Yes , the Pi3 will fit in this kit. The Pi3 has the same mechanical foot print as the Pi2. I don't have a Pi3 as of yet, but once I get one I will make a compatible image with the latest RetroPie.


Kit Types:

Shell Kit

Note: tabs have been removed, see assembly video

Wood panels with nuts+bolts and clear acrylic top.



Full Kit

Note: tabs have been removed, see assembly video

Shell, all arcade parts, wires, connectors, and clear acrylic top.



Assembled Kit

Note: tabs have been removed, see assembly video

Install a RPi and play!



Nov 2017 update: OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Sorry :(

Kit Type:
Button Colors (Full Kits & up)

Or, download the template and make your own artwork.

Fight Stick V3 Art template.svg
Scalable vector image [9.6 KB]

Technical Specs

  • Overall shell dimensions: 14.75 x 8.25 x 3.25 inches (W x L x H)
  • Fits Raspberry Pi B+ or Pi2
  • Built from 0.25" Maple plywood
  • 12 Arcade button mounts! (Eleven 28mm Arcade button holes + one 16mm button hole)
  • Fits JAP joystick with RPi installed
  • Fits USA or JAP joystick w/o RPI installed (dedicated keyboard encoder fight stick for PC or other system is possible with this kit.)


top tabs have been removed as of March 2016!

How to Assemble

Download the assembly manual !

Last revised Aug 29, 2016
Fight Stick Assembly Manual v1.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.8 MB]
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