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Build-Your-Own-Arcade Kits + More

Want to to build your own mini MAME or Arcade Machine? You're in the right place.


Most Popular

Much wow shop items here.

Porta Pi Arcade 10" HD

Build your own desktop size arcade cabinet with a Raspberry Pi or similar single board computer.

DIY Arcade Starter Kit

Have your own arcade cabinet but need a jumpstart on the guts? These are the basics.

Fight Stick v3

The feel of the arcade with the comfort of sitting on your couch. 

Other Featured Kits


A larger, roomier arcade kit for the more advanced DIY-er. Kit features more options for customization to build the proper shrine to a lost era.


Build a mini vending machine to match your desktop arcade.

Coin Pusher

The most entertainment you'll get from watching the effects of gravity.

Claw Machine

The corner stone of any electronic entertainment room. Polish your motor skills and everything else by building and playing on your own claw machine.

"WHOA! I dont know what a "Raspberry Pi" is or how it works. I just saw these tiny arcades and wound up here. I need to take things slow"

 Here's an intro!

All Shop Items

Arcade Parts

BYO Starter Kit
USB Trackball (works with RPi)
Sanwa Joystick
Happ Arcade Buttons
Happ Joystick

Porta Pi Arcade Extras

Trackball Control Panel
Marquee extras
Standard Clear Control Panel Cover
12V 2A DC Power Supply
Porta Pi Arcade Monitors

Raspberry Pi Extras

RPi Screw Terminal Breakout Board

Claw Machine Kit

Version 4 is currently in the design phase. See details in the Build Page.


Prototypes and other things
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