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Build-Your-Own-Arcade Kits + More

Want to to build your own mini MAME or Arcade Machine? You're in the right place.

DIY Arcade Kits


Barely roomy enough for two people. 

Porta Pi Arcade: Classic

My first design and most popular kit.

Porta Pi Arcade: Nano

Remove some aesthetics, add more comfort.

Porta Pi Arcade: Vertical

A vertically oriented monitor for SHMUPs and most games from the 80's.

Power Block PCB

Simplify your mini arcade projects with the voltage reguloator breakout and power hub.

Ground Loop Isolator

Fix analog audio noise (buzz) with this audio transformer isolator.

Parallel Breakout

Breakout the Pi's GPIOs or any 0.6" to 0.8" dev board into screw terminals.

Keypad PCB

Because WASD is better than a joystick?

Here's a build overview of the Porta Pi Arcade. This build is what you'll see when building the Porta Pi Arcade or my other Arcade Kits. Video done by This Does Not Compute, as Colin makes a great video.

Below is a completely unsolicited and unsponsored video made by Tony. Kit used was a JAMMArCADE 2P.

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