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Help for Hire

I've done a little consulting here and there for individuals who ask.

Most of my work comes from friends. The rest are poeple I meet through classes I teach. Here's a mix of projects from friends and from professional inquiries.

I also teach. I teach a lot. I've taught Arduino and Raspberry Pi crash courses for teachers and students in the Pittsburgh PA area.

If you need something laser cut, CNC'ed, designed, or drafted, I can help.

A sign I laser cut for a customer. (I did not paint it)

An owner of a regional donut shop took one of my CNC classes and asked for some help. I drafted, modeled, generated toolpaths, and cut 3 counter tops for him. Here are two. One is 0.50" composite acrylic measuring ~ 9 x 3 ft the other is 1.75" Maple measuring 3 x 8 ft. The holes are for drop in containers that hold toppings, and frosting for donuts. If you see one of these countertops at Peace, Love, and Little Donuts, I made it:)

Counter top was cut on a ShopBot Alpha (4x8' bed).

Toolpath was made with Vcarve Pro v6.5.

CAD was done with Inkscape.

A good friend of mine wanted help with a Valentine's Day project. He was inspire by my speakerbox suitcase, and I was happy to make a better one. 

 Project was made in ~4 hours start to finish.

I went to the 2013 NY Comic Con with my good buddy! He needed help on a cosplay weapon for a Naruto character. I was happy to help!

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